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Clogged Sewer Nightmare

by | Jun 11, 2024

Clogged Sewer Line? Not A Problem For CT Sewer Rooter

In Bridgeport, CT, a residential homeowner faced a persistent plumbing issue that required expert attention. The problem? A clogged sewer line that previous plumbers failed to resolve effectively. The homeowner sought the services of CT Sewer Rooter, leading to a successful resolution that underscores the importance of choosing experienced professionals for plumbing emergencies.

Clogged Sewer Line Project Overview

Client Profile: Residential homeowner
Location: Bridgeport, CT
Type of Plumbing Service: Drain cleaning
Specific Issue or Need: Clogged Sewer Line
Products/Parts Used: Redgid Sewer Cleaning Snake
Duration: 1.5 Hours

Drain Cleaning Challenges: A Hidden Obstacle

The clogged sewer line presented a unique challenge. A previous plumbing company had attempted to clear the drain but left a 60-foot section of their snake in the sewer line. Despite the client’s efforts, which included hiring another plumber who found no issues, the drainage problems persisted.

When Tim from CT Sewer Rooter arrived, he quickly identified the problem through a small 4-inch outside cleanout. The snake was visibly lodged in the drain, creating a significant obstruction. Extracting this 60-foot snake through the narrow cleanout was no easy feat, but Tim’s expertise and determination led to a successful outcome.

The Resolution: Effective Sewer Line Cleaning

Outcome: The snake was removed from the drain, restoring proper drainage for the client. This case highlights the critical role of experienced plumbing professionals in resolving complex issues.

Maintenance Recommendations for Longevity

Tim from CT Sewer Rooter recommends annual sewer drain cleaning to prevent future clogs and ensure optimal performance. Regular maintenance, such as hydro jetting, can effectively clear out tree roots and sludge buildup, keeping drains clear and functional.

Client Testimonial: A Satisfied Homeowner’s Experience

“I recently got a snake stuck in my shower drain when trying to clear a clog. It was about 11 feet into the pipe. I had 2 plumbers and 1 drain cleaning professional come to the house, and neither of them could free up the snake from the drain. I called CT Sewer Rooter, and they promptly came out to check out my problem. When I originally talked to Tim, he was very positive, optimistic, and reassuring that he could remove the snake. Sure enough, within minutes, they were able to follow through with this. Not only did they get the job done, but they were very professional and courteous both on the phone and in person. It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend this father and son team (Tim & Tre) for your drain cleaning needs.”

Benefits of Choosing CT Sewer Rooter

Choosing CT Sewer Rooter for your plumbing needs ensures:

  • Expertise in Emergency Plumbing: Tim and his team have the skills and tools to handle complex plumbing emergencies.
  • Professional and Courteous Service: From initial contact to project completion, CT Sewer Rooter delivers professional and friendly service.
  • Effective Solutions for Residential and Commercial Plumbing: Whether it’s a residential or commercial plumbing issue, CT Sewer Rooter provides effective and reliable solutions.
  • Preventative Maintenance for Long-term Benefits: Regular maintenance services like hydro jetting help prevent future plumbing issues, saving clients time and money.

The Takeaway

This case study illustrates the importance of selecting a knowledgeable and experienced plumbing service. CT Sewer Rooter’s successful resolution of a challenging clogged sewer line in Bridgeport, CT, highlights their commitment to customer satisfaction and professional excellence. Remember not all plumbing companies are created equal. If you are in the Fairfield County area of Connecticut choose CT Sewer Rooter for your best plumbing experience.

For all your plumbing needs, from drain cleaning and leak detection to water heater installation and trenchless sewer repair, trust Connecticut Sewer Rooter & Drain Cleaning. Contact us at:

Connecticut Sewer Rooter & Drain Cleaning
150 Colony St, Stratford, CT 06615
Phone: 203-395-8749


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