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Looking for a drain cleaning plumber in East Haven, CT? CT Sewer Rooter, LLC is your top-rated drain cleaning plumber in East Haven, Connecticut. Our plumbing services include sewer pipe plumbing, drain cleaning services, sewer video inspection of lines, sewer pipe locating, high-velocity pipe water jetting, basement pump out, grease traps, sewer line repair and more!

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Water Jetting in East Haven, CT

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Based out of Stratford, CT we service homes and businesses throughout New Haven and Fairfield counties including East Haven, CT. We are licensed in the state of Connecticut and insured. We have the equipment and experience to handle all types of water and sewer line repairs and replacements. We offer a wide selection of East Haven plumbing repair services including toilet repairs, sink repairs, shower repairs and more. We offer competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and high-quality workmanship!

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Stephen Staysniak
Tim is 100% professional. I discovered a problem mid-morning on a Saturday. Less than four hours later Tim was pulling out my driveway having fully solved the problem. He was able to immediately diagnose the issue, understood the complexities that might be at play in my almost 100 year plumbing system, and worked carefully to get the job done. Very grateful that I called Tim and kept my money local instead of going with a national franchise. Highly highly recommend. Thank you Tim!
Matt Zakrzewski
Professional, thorough, very responsive. Great experience
Paul Jeffrey
Years ago I had wet basement systems and curtain drains installed in my home/yard...I was supposed to have the lines cleaned every 3-4 years to avoid clogging and keep yard dry. Well 4 years became 8 or 9 and the lines were plugged up. I nervously called Tim & Trey at CT Sewer Rooter and they came reasonably fast and acted swiftly. Neatly and effectively cleaning the drains with state of the art equipment...Trey was professional & courteous and did a great job for much less money than the big name drain cleaning yards drier already. I would recommend these guys to anyone!
Gisela Vazquez
I am completely satisfied with the work from Connecticut Sewer Rooter! The team did a fantastic job repairing my sewer line. They are the most reasonably priced company out here! Thank you Tim and crew for your professionalism and getting my sewer line up and running quickly! You guys are the best!
Elena S
Tim saved the day, professional, courteous, very nice person. I would highly recommend him. The pricing is fair and he responded all my calls, and I know nothing about plumbing.
george cruz
5 Stars+... Great father and son team. Professional, quick, honest. Called at lunch, made an appointment for 2 hours later that worked with my schedule, and were exactly on time. Tim and his son resolved the problem with the toilet quickly and took the time to check the sewer line... All for a very reasonable price.. Father and son were both very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. You won't regret using them!! They are a 24 hour service, very responsive.
yuliya keller
Got them to come and give me a second opinion after the outrageous quote from Rotor Rooter. They were at my door within 2 hours and not only they did the job (water jetted my sewer line to clear out the roots/rotor rooter told me I had to replace the entire section and the quote was not something cheap), but also gave me some great advice regarding my sewer line and how to keep it in good condition. The price was very reasonable for the job performed, highly recommend. Thank you, guys.
trey ellis
I called Tim and he and his truck arrived right away. He quickly identified the problem and had my house back up and running soon after. He explained everything he was doing every step of the way and his prices were reasonable. I'm definitely recommending him to everyone in my town.
Clay Cromer
I called Tim to come investigate a blockage we had in our in-ground drain in the yard. He called me back right away, scheduled a visit for the next day & completed the job on schedule. Good communication, good results, fast service, professionalism & fair prices were my experience; definitely recommend!
Jay Zibelman
Had a broken sewer pipe right at foundation of house. Tim called back and visited to quote promptly, very fair quote. Started job right on time, dealt with unexpected problems underground (concrete to break through) with dispatch and completed job same day. Work was neat and highly professional. Thank you!

East Haven Drain Cleaning Services

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  • Faucets & Sinks
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  • Underground Pipe Locating
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Drain Cleaning Services CT

Drain Cleaning Services CT

The Ultimate Solution for Effective Sewer Drain Cleaning

 Sewer drain issues can cause significant disruptions and inconveniences, impacting the functionality of your plumbing system. In such situations, it’s crucial to employ efficient and reliable methods to tackle the problem. One such advanced technology is hydro jetting or (water jetting), a cutting-edge solution provided by CT Sewer Rooter to ensure thorough sewer drain cleaning.

Understanding Water Jetting

Hydro jetting or(water jetting) is a state-of-the-art method used to clear out blockages, debris, and build-up in sewer drains. It involves the use of high-pressure water streams to remove clogs and restore optimal flow. The water jetting equipment consists of a specialized nozzle attached to a hose connected to a high-pressure water source. When the nozzle is inserted into the sewer line, highly pressurized water is released, scouring the pipe walls and dislodging any obstructions.

The Superiority of Hydro-Jetting Over Traditional Snaking

Compared to traditional snaking methods, hydro-jetting offers several key advantages:

Comprehensive Cleaning

Hydro-jetting or (water jetting) thoroughly cleans the entire inner surface of the sewer pipe, eliminating all types of debris, including grease, mineral deposits, tree roots, and other stubborn blockages. Traditional snaking methods often leave behind residue or fail to address the underlying cause of the clog.

Long-Lasting Results:

With its powerful water pressure, hydro-jetting ensures deep and complete cleaning of the sewer line, reducing the likelihood of future blockages. Snaking, on the other hand, may temporarily clear a clog but often fails to prevent recurring issues.

Non-Invasive and Environmentally Friendly:

Hydro-jetting is a non-intrusive technique that does not require digging or extensive excavation. It is also environmentally friendly since it uses only water and does not rely on harsh chemicals that can potentially harm the pipes or the environment.


Hydro-jetting is highly versatile and can be applied to various pipe materials, including PVC, cast iron, and clay. It is equally effective for residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing systems.

Average Cost of Hydro-Jetting

The cost of hydro-jetting can vary depending on factors such as the severity of the blockage, the length of the sewer line, and the location. On average, hydro-jetting services range from $350 to $600. Although hydro-jetting may initially seem more expensive than traditional snaking methods, its long-term benefits outweigh the costs. The thorough cleaning and prevention of future clogs can save you money by reducing the need for frequent plumbing repairs or replacements.